Tunisian crochet pumpkin pattern


Make a fun Tunisian crochet pumpkin with this fun pattern that comes with three sizes of pumpkin.

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Make your home cozy with these wonderfully simple, yet very soft and squishy pumpkins.

Made with baby chenille yarn and available in three sizes, these pumpkins will make your October unforgettable. You don’t even need to put these away when the season ends because they are so soft and cuddly that you’ll want them around the whole year (and I wholeheartedly support you if you wouldn’t hide away autumn decorations anyway).

Get out some big hooks and have some fun.

You’ll need between 16 and 48 meters of baby chenille yarn (size 6) for the body and 3-5 meters for the stem. Pick your favorite colors from this Pinterest board I curated with the most deliciously textured pumpkins and make your own pretty version. You will also need an 8 mm hook with a long shaft (regular hooks work too!) and a 4.5 mm hook for the stem.

The finished sizes range between 10-15 cm in diameter and 5.5-9 cm in height (excluding the stem).

The pattern comes with detailed instructions, a printer-friendly section and a photo tutorial for beginners. You can also follow the video tutorial.

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