Dots baby blanket Tunisian crochet pattern


A playful Tunisian crochet baby blanket pattern made up of granny squares with dots in the middle.

The Pdf file comes with full instructions, photo tutorial and videos for making the inner circle and two ways of squaring, plus easy read or low vision versions. UK and US versions are both available.


Here’s a way to make a fun and colorful baby blanket out of Tunisian crochet squares. For extra whimsy, sew on eyes or other little details to turn the dots into curious or happy creatures. Use bright, contrasting colors to capture the attention of your little ones.

This blanket is intended to be used as a play mat, swaddling blanket or stroller blanket, not as a crib blanket. Adding a backing makes it extra sturdy.

Use cotton, linen or a bamboo-acrylic mix for a soft and easy to care for blanket. Customize the size and color of the blanket to suit your tastes.

Use many colors mixed together or a few colors and a common contrasting color, use a variegated yarn for the dots and a neutral, single color for the squaring, the possibilities are endless.

You can make as many dots as you like for a larger blanket.


  • Yarn – for one square: about 8 grams or 20 meters of 4-ply or 5-ply or size 3 cotton yarn; here’s some yarn that might work well with this pattern (affiliate link), with an amazing range of colors; here’s another one (affiliate link); about 4 grams or 10 meters for one dot, 4-5 grams or 10-12 meters for the squaring; total length will depend on the number of squares you decide to make; add an extra 10-15% of total required yarn for the border;
  • Hook – 5 mm crochet hook or size close to 5 mm, 3.5 mm hook for squaring;
  • Blocking mats and stainless steel pins for blocking;
  • Optional: fabric, thread and sewing needle or sewing machine for backing; the fabric should be 2-4 cm or 1-2″ wider on both sides than the blanket without the border;
  • Scissors and tapestry needle for weaving in ends.


The instructions are provided for making squares that measure 9.5 cm by 9.5 cm or 3.75″ by 3.75″. The circle or dot measures 7 cm or 2.75″ in diameter.

The border measures about 2 cm or 0.75″ in width.

The sample, made up of 7×6 squares, measures about 70 by 61 cm or 27.5″ by 24″. Use the graphs below to choose a color combination or color in your own.

Easy read

The easy read version respects the following requirements:

24 point Arial font; 26 and 28 point and bold for headings;

Black text, white background;

Left justified, 1 inch margins;

No columns;

Page numbers bottom left;

No charts required to make the pattern;

All abbreviations explained in the list.


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