Blackberry pudding shawl – crochet pattern


Make a beautiful and elegant rounded triangle shawl with some yummy gradient yarn. Start from a corner and keep on going until you reach the size you want.

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Have you ever had pudding with blackberry jam? Me neither, but it sounds like something I would love to try – a white, fluffy semolina pudding with swirls of rich, purple jam. Yum.

Even if you’re not that much into desserts, you will love this soft and sweet crescent shawl that features rounded edges and lovely textured ridges made with puff stitches.

Skill level: intermediate

You can make this shawl as small or as large as you like. The pattern includes detailed instructions up to row 78 (the last row of the sample). 

The sample shown was made with 600 meters of cotton blend 4-ply yarn and measures 130 cm in length and 40 cm in width (51″ by 16″).


  • Yarn: Miss Tricot Filati – Caribe (600 meters) or any cotton or cotton blend 4-ply or 3-ply ombre yarn cake (between 600-1000 meters)
  • Hook: 3 mm or hook recommended for your yarn
  • Tapestry needle

US and UK versions are both available


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