Amigurumi flexagon – fidget toy crochet pattern


Make a fun and easy toy out of chenille yarn or any other chunky yarn in your stash.

This fidget toy is a source of never-ending fun and guilt-free stimming (not that stimming should have anything to do with guilt, but society is what it is…).


Who needs fidget toys?

If you have anyone in your life who fidgets, you’ll want to make this amigurumi flexagon as a holiday gift.

It’s perfect as a stocking stuffer, as it will fit even the smallest stocking, with the finished size of about 12 cm across (5″).

It’s fun, it’s quick to make, beginner friendly and an excellent fidget toy. You can turn it forever.

Pattern details

The pattern comes in US and UK versions with full instructions and step-by-step photos.

If you’ve made amigurumi before, this pattern will be a breeze.


You will need about 30 grams of chenille yarn for one toy and a very small amount of stuffing.

Use a 4 mm hook or a hook that gives you stiff fabric. Optionally, you can use a stitch marker.

You’ll also need a tapestry needle and scissors.

Video tutorials

There are two tutorials available for this pattern, one for right-handed crocheters and one for left-handed crocheters.

Low vision version

The pattern now comes with low vision versions, following these principles:

  • the main text is written in 24 point Arial font; 28 point and bold is used for headings; photo captions use 22 point font;
  • black font for all text and white background;
  • left justified text, 1 inch margins;
  • no columns;
  • page numbers on the bottom left part of the page;
  • no charts;
  • all abbreviations are explained in the list;
  • large photos, at most one per page, with accompanying alt text and caption.


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